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Over the past couple of years, she has been on the search of her true sound, and it is finally here.

ÁGY released her debut album “Lucky No. 13” Sep 13 this year. The new sound consists of a new and edgy pop/rock expression.


Agnete Båtnes Braaten is the solo artist ÁGY. She is from Nordreisa, Sápmi, Norway. This is where she finds most of her inspiration. In her music you can sense the uniqueness of being from the top of the world.


In 2013 ÁGY (f. Agnete) released the single «Hjerterått», which she wrote for a Norwegian youth series. In November 2015 she released an EP called «Arvedávgi EP». ÁGY collaborated with the famous Norwegian rapper Joddski on the singles "Gærnt Med Mæ" and “Æ Lova Dæ” which both were released in 2016. The same year she released her single, «Gunpowder».

Photo: Sverre Simonsen

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